Fundraising with Farmhouse Fruit

Join a successful, healthy, and easy Fundraising Program that brings our family farms directly to you.

For over a decade, the Kiwanis Clubs of central/eastern Pennsylvania have been running a successful fundraising program pre-selling boxes of our fresh, hand-picked NJ Blueberries.

Last year, the Kiwanis Clubs running our program raised a total of $300,000! With one Kiwanis located in Carlisle PA, who raised almost $30,000.

Our programs are a proven successful, healthy, and ethical fundraising alternative to cookies, candy, and pizza. Your organization can raise money while supporting the family farms that make up the Jersey Fruit Cooperative, who have are sustainably growing the best Peaches and Blueberries to come out of New Jersey.

Don’t like blueberries? No problem, we even run this fundraising program with Hand Selected, New Jersey Peaches, Cranberries, or Apples!

  • Where Does This Fruit Come From?

    Proudly grown in New Jersey by the Jersey Fruit Cooperative.

    Farmhouse Fruit sources all its New Jersey grown fruit from the 14 family run farms that make up the Jersey Fruit Cooperative.

    All our farms are located in Southern New Jersey with most of our blueberry farms located in the “Blueberry Capital of the World,” Hammonton, New Jersey.

    For decades, Jersey Fruit has been known in the produce industry for their high standards and stringent grading process. Learn more about our family farms, here.

  • How is the Fruit Packaged?

    We have different pack options to fit your needs.

    All fruit is picked, packed and shipped within 24 hours. When we say “Fresh” we mean it.

    There are 3 pack options to choose from and range in size and price from our volume filled Fundraising Box, a craft Gift Box with lid, or a lid-less Retail Box.

  • How Do I Sign-up?

    Contact our Fundraising Specialist directly.

    Chad Puschel, our Fundraising Specialist, is always available to help answer questions and get your fundraising program started.

    You can reach Chad at 908-377-2913 or [email protected] 

  • Who is Eligible to Run this Fundraising Program?

    Organizations within 250 miles of Glassboro, NJ.

    Any organization within 250 miles of Glassboro, NJ is eligible to run our NJ Fresh Fruit Fundraising Programs.

    Schools, Sports Teams, Religious Institutions, PTA’s, Non-Profits, etc.


  • How Much Will This Cost Us?

    Zero Dollars!

    There is no money due up-front and no hidden fees.

    We offer the fruit to you at a wholesale cost while your organization chooses the selling price in relation to your overall goals.

  • How Much Should We Sell Our Box For?

    There are factors to take into consideration.

    Many groups choose to add $10-12 onto the wholesale cost of each box in order to make a substantial impact toward their goals.

    Staying within that price point ensures your supporters will be receiving similar price/lb. as sold in their local supermarkets, making it a true win/win situation for everyone involved.