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Now Shipping Our Famous Peaches!

Posted in: Farm Updates

Farmhouse Fruit made over a dozen people around the country very happy this week, when they returned home from work and were greeted with a wonderful and healthy treat, sustainably grown right here in New Jersey.


The peaches in this picture are a 1/4 larger than ones that will be shipped to you. These large peaches are great for pictures, yet don’t have the sweetness we are looking for here at Farmhouse Fruit

The possibilities with these peaches are endless; peach salsa, peach ice cream, peach smoothies and peaches in your salad are just some quick ideas to add healthy, fresh fruit to your diet. Peaches are even used in skin care products, so make your own creams to give your skin some nourishment this summer.

The peaches you may get at your l0cal retail store this summer have more than likely been off the tree for over 2 weeks. Farmhouse Fruit peaches are picked, cleaned, packed and shipped to you within a few short days. The only way you can get a fresher peach is if you picked it yourself.

If you received your peaches and would like to send us any pictures of you enjoying them, please forward all information to Chad Puschel.

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