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Category: Farm Updates

Preparing Blueberries Bushes for Winter

The last New Jersey Blueberry was picked over four months ago but that doesn’t mean life on the farms has slowed down. Blueberry bushes need hands-on attention before the winter chill hours to ensure a strong crop the following year.

Jersey Fruit End of Season Meeting

The farmers from the Jersey Fruit Cooperative held their end of season meeting this week, it was a night filled with PowerPoint slides, drinks, delicious food and good company.

NJ Cranberry Harvest

Cranberries have been part of the North American diet since early settlers learned how to effectively use the berry as a food, medicine and dye.

Wrapping up our Inaugural Season

The changing leaf color signals an end to the New Jersey Peach season but not Farmhouse Fruit. With temperatures slowly dropping we call an end to our season and it’s now time to reflect back and look ahead.