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Season Opening Dinner

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Every year, the growers of the Jersey Fruit Cooperative (which supplies the Peaches and Blueberries to Farmhouse Fruit) gather together in anticipation to discuss and plan the upcoming season. This beautiful group of people share a strong bond, most of whom have known each other for many years. New growers have been added to the Cooperative over the years but the core group of growers has remained.

Group Dinner

Between the laughs and jokes, business is handled swiftly and democratically, always in the best interest of the Cooperative. Since Blueberries and Peaches have such a short season in New Jersey, typically around 3 months for Peaches and only 9 weeks for Blueberries, organization and cooperation is key. These events are important as information and ideas are shared between growers, which is the key to the strength of the Cooperative.

Blueberry Growers

Jersey Fruit Cooperative Blueberry growers (L – R, back row)

Jeff Whalen- Whalen Farms

Hank Rizzote – Glossy Fruit Farms

Joe Jr, AJ, and Joe Sr Berenato – Stoney Creek Blueberries

Sal Colasurdo (Louise Colasurdo is off to the right side) – Mill Rock Farms

Donnie & Cheryl LoSasso (in front) – LoSasso Farms

Joe & Sharon Montalbano – JSM Blueberries

(L-R, front row)

Greg & Renee Clark – Clark Farms

Liz & Lou Condo – Big Buck Farms

Peach Growers

Jersey Fruit Peach Growers (L-R)

Francisco Allende – Gala Farms

Carl Heilig Jr – Heilig Orchards

Dr. Lewis DeEugenio Jr – Summit City Farms

Carl “Pop” Heilig Sr – Heilig Orchards

Oscar Damminger – Heilig Orchards

Mason Heilig – Heilig Orchards

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