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Blueberry Fields are Turning Blue, FAST

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Hammonton, New Jersey experienced perfect sunny weather over the weekend (June 13th & 14th), which will push some varieties of blueberries into an early harvest.

The hardworking field hands returned to the farms this weekend after traveling up the East Coast, stopping off in other states to follow the blueberry season. Many of the field hands are large families that travel together from state to state.

The weather today (June 15th), is not conducive to picking the fruit though, since we experienced a lot of rain last night. Once the berries dry out on the bush, our pickers will be going into the field to hand select the berries for Farmhouse Fruit.

Duke Clark 3

A few acres were able to be picked yesterday and if the weather continues, it will prove to be a very good season for New Jersey Blueberries and Farmhouse Fruit.

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Stay tuned for more updates on our blueberry crop!

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